Special Health Resources for Texas, Inc., Longview, TX

Special Health Resources for Texas (SHRT) is an AIDS Service Organization located in Northeastern Texas, serving people living with HIV in this mostly rural region. SHRT will implement a Practice Transformative model that will promote changes in the agency’s structure, increasing capacity, restructuring resources, and integrating care in order to improve health outcomes for its HIV patients. Their PTM will develop interdisciplinary team-based strategies that include the realignment of the agency workforce systems to improve the provision of quality care to people living with HIV residing in Paris, Texarkana, and Tyler located in Northeast Texas.

The project’s goals are to engage in task shifting and physician extension; to increase the number of persons receiving HIV and Primary Care services; to increase the agency’s ability to track, assess and document project objectives and activities and monitor HHS indicators; and to develop an inter-professional and interdisciplinary team-based approach to the delivery of clinical services. The five principal components of their PTM are task shifting and physician extension; restructuring staff to meet the standards of a Patient-Centered Medical Home; integration of Patient Navigators into the interdisciplinary team; development of inter-professional team-based practice coordination; and capacity building.